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Meet Bobbie Racette

Technology sectors thrive on innovation, but few individuals grasp the potential of thinking beyond conventional boundaries as effectively as Bobbie Racette.

Bobbie is a visionary entrepreneur who has made a tremendous impact. As the Founder and CEO of Virtual Gurus and VG OnDemand, she has built a reputation as a trailblazer who is committed to creating an equitable future for all.


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"Bobbie has been an immense part of my personal growth as a startup founder. Through mentorship with Bobbie, I've seen possibilities in myself that I didn't see before working with her and directions I hadn't previously thought to pursue. She is straight up, and incredibly open with sharing her knowledge as well as woopsy's along the way, to help you not to make the same mistakes. Thanks for everything Bobbie!"

Liz MacRae

Village Wellth

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"I have been supporting Bobbie since July 2022 as her EA/PA. Over my 30-plus-year career, I have supported many C-Suite executives and entrepreneurs. Bobbie is a refreshing change. She is down to earth, and a non-nonsense way about her. Bobbie knows she doesn't have all the answers and is open to learning. She works hard to shift gears quickly when something isn't working. Her commitment to her vision and dream is unstoppable and I am grateful to be part of the journey.

Rowan Wylie
Bobbie's EA & Founder of Rowan Sky

"Bobbie is an incredible coach and mentor. Her positive attitude and wealth of knowledge have helped me overcome my challenges and achieve my dreams. I can't thank her enough!"

Mike Johnson
Marketing Executive

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